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It’s now back to Europe for Theresa May with a mandate to negotiate the Irish border backstop proposal but with a resounding ‘non, nein, nej, nie’ coming from Europe before she even gets on the plane she has her work cut out. No option is being ruled out at this stage, save for a second referendum which she continues to refuse to contemplate, but time is running short and seeking an extension is still a distinct possibility. For an excellent explanation of the complexities of the current decision making process see Dominic Hopkins’ article here.

So after many months of negotiations and wrangling both domestically and with the EU, uncertainty continues over what the landscape for individuals, businesses and institutions will look like after 29 March 2019.

- Will the divorce date be extended?

- Will Parliament approve a negotiated deal and what will that mean for businesses?

- What scenario will we be faced with if they do not?

Despite all this uncertainty, applying a wait and see approach to doing business in a European context could be disadvantageous. The team at Hewitsons is available to talk to you about your needs and how those may be impacted by Brexit. We have also identified a number of key areas that organisations should be considering now.

Commercial agreements


Data protection


State Aid

UK Agriculture

Whilst we can do no more here than flag points for you to consider, in a general way, we will be able to tailor our advice to your specific business needs and particular issues that affect your sector. Of course, despite the turmoil, uncertainty and pessimism of media speculation surrounding Brexit, opportunities are always associated with change and reviewing your legal and regulatory requirements may help with identifying such opportunities.

Hewitsons continues to have close European connections through our network of international law firms, LawExchange International. In that way we can provide an international dimension from trusted advisers which is critical to avoiding business disruption and to grasping opportunities quickly.

For more information please contact Emma Shipp or Charlotte Bull.

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