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At Hewitsons, we are continuously inspired and energised   Key areas in which we may assist you include:
       to see the passion and commitment of the people working
       in  our  client  charities,  social  enterprises  and  education
       providers.  We  are  delighted  to  advise  and  assist  our   ■   Registration
       clients in delivering their objectives.  Our long-established   ■   Incorporation and/or restructuring
       team of experts is pleased to act for hundreds of not-for-
       profit organisations, from the smallest village charities to   ■   Constitutional matters
       large entities with international reach.                ■    Policies and procedures
                                                               ■    Good governance
       Charities –  We advise charities involved in, for example,
       healthcare,  faith  activities,  animal  welfare,  social  issues,   ■   Commercial agreements
       museums  and  the  arts,  almshouses,  sports  and      ■    Trading subsidiaries
       recreation,  grant  making  and  provision  of  community
       facilities.    They  may  be  trusts,  charitable  incorporated   ■   Safeguarding
       organisations or companies limited by guarantee.
                                                               ■    Collaborative working
       Education – The many providers of education for whom    ■    Mergers
       we are privileged to act include academies, independent   ■   Fundraising
       schools, universities, Oxbridge Colleges and commercial
       entities.  The  assistance  that  we  provide  to  our  clients   ■   Trustee Training
       covers  the  particular  needs  of  large  projects  such  as
       restructuring, merging and constitutional reviews as  well
       as  more  day-to-day  matters  such  as  compliance  with
       regulatory  requirements,  funding  issues,  policies,
       governance, parent/pupil relations and safeguarding.

       Social Enterprises – We also advise on the full range of
       social  enterprise  structures,  such  as  community  interest
       companies, registered societies and companies limited by
       guarantee.  We provide support on setting up, regulatory
       issues,  membership  and  governance  matters  and  the
       many and varied matters which they face.

            “This practice goes the extra mile to meet
                deadlines, more than other firms.”
            Client Testimonial. The Legal 500 2020
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