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We  also  work  closely  with  our  Hewitsons  colleagues  in   Our working relationship with you
       other teams to provide specialist support for our clients in
       matters relating to:                                   Working alongside you, our team always aims to provide
                                                              clear, effective and timely advice.  There are many times
       ■    Employment                                        when you may need such support and we are proactive in
                                                              delivering  this  in  a  cost-effective  way.  Our  priority  is
       ■    Pensions
                                                              always to get to know your particular needs and provide
       ■    Property                                          the best advice for your unique situation.
       ■    GDPR
                                                              We value our relationships with our clients and hope that
       ■    Intellectual Property                             we can help your charity to deliver for your beneficiaries.
                                                              Please  feel  free  to  contact  any  member  of  our  core
       ■    Contracts
                                                              Charities,  Education  &  Social  Enterprise  team  who  are
       ■    Private wealth personal tax matters               featured  overleaf  for  an  informal  chat.    We  are  always
                                                              happy to discuss how we may be of service to you.
       ■    Legacies
       ■    Sports law
       ■    Agriculture and land matters

       ■    Dispute resolution
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