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Rural Renewables

             Anaerobic Digestion Plants

             The construction of anaerobic digestion plants produces particular challenges. Not only does the plant have to
             be acquired and installed but ongoing contracts need to be entered into the deal with the acquisition of feed
             stock and the disposal of waste products including digestate. We have acted for a number of businesses in
             dealing with these issues.

             Recent Case Studies

             ■     We  are  instructed  by  a  landed  estate  which  is  interested  in  entering  into  an  arrangement  for  the
                   construction  of  an  anaerobic  digestion  plant  on  its  property.  This  involved  the  grant  of  an  Option
                   pursuant to which the developer would seek planning permission and, subject to obtaining planning
                   permission, would take a lease of the site.

             ■     The  landowner would  not  only  receive  a  rental  income  but also  an  element of  the  power  and  heat
                   generated  by  the  installation.  As  well  as  the  Option  and  lease  arrangements,  we  are  advising  in
                   connection  with  the  contracts  with  the  landowner  to  supply  the  feed  stock  and  to  supply  routine
                   services in connection with the running of the anaerobic digestion plant.
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