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Introduction                                         Our Firm

             Absolute  Client  Focus  is  the  guiding  principle  that   We  offer  specialist  legal  services  to  local,  national
             underpins all of our legal services at Hewitsons.    and international clients ranging from blue-clip com-
                                                                  panies and public bodies to institutions and individ-
             It  is  the  ethos  that  informs  our  approach  to  our   uals.  Our  services  are  tailored  to  your  individual
             work  for  businesses,  individuals  and  institutions.  It   needs,  providing  expert  and  cost-effective  advice
             unites all of our exceptional lawyers, our specialist   when you need it.,
             legal teams and our client sector groups.
                                                                  Best  advise,  we  believe  must  always  be  clear,
             For us, the client is, and will always be, at the centre   constructive  and  practical.  Our  style  is  to  be  fo-
             of everything we do.                                 cussed and professional, but always approachable.

                                                                  Knowing our clients and developing well-established
                    “A pleasure to deal with you, we look         relationships  with  them  is  of  the  utmost
                          forward to next time”                   importance to us and underpins our approach: Ab-
                                                                  siute Client Focus.
                            Client Testimonial
                                                                        Absolute Client Focus
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