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             From  wind  farms  to  residential  energy  microgeneration  projects,  our  CleanTech  Group  provides  specialist
             advice to developers, energy generators, land and property owners, manufacturers and suppliers of related
             technologies as well as others engaged in the fast developing energy sector. The Group includes solicitors
             providing property, planning, environment, construction and commercial law expertise who are experienced
             in providing advice in this area.

             Areas of Advice

             The CleanTech Group offers advice, including in the following areas:

             ■     Funding and project finance
             ■     Acquisitions and disposals of renewable assets and portfolios including equity finance
             ■     Consortium and joint venture arrangements
             ■     Regulatory (green certificates/feed in tariffs, grid connections, carbon emissions trading schemes)
             ■     Equity fund raising
             ■     Planning and consenting, all licences and permits
             ■     Property - purchases, lease and licence arrangements
             ■     Construction, operation and maintenance contracts
             ■     Start up advice
             ■     Contracts including connection agreements, fuel supply agreements
             ■     Dispute resolutions
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