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Rural Renewables

             Our  Rural  Renewable  Team  has  considerable  experience  and  expertise  in  dealing  with  renewable  energy
             schemes for farmers and rural landowners.

             The Team

             The team is part of our firm wide CleanTech group which deals with renewable technology in all contexts. This
             means we combine both our considerable experience and understanding of farms and rural businesses with
             our expertise in renewable technology. This enables us to provide expert and practical advice on renewable
             energy schemes ranging from large scale wind farms to the installation of solar panels, or the construction of
             anaerobic digestion plants.

             Our Experience

             We advise on large scale renewable energy developments. Our Rural Renewables Team has advised landown-
             ers in connection with over fifty commercial wind farm developments from single to multi turbine sites. We
             are also experienced in relation to documentation for commercial solar farms from large scale to multi site
             arrays.  In  all  cases  this  involved  negotiating  the  terms of  the Option  with  the  developer  under  which the
             developer will seek planning permission and then construct the renewable energy installation together with
             the form of lease under which the installation will be built.
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