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P. 10

or                   highly   probate
                  individual           our   and

                  an                   of   trust

                  as                   exper se
                  circumstances,  family trust, farmer, landowner, or business owner we  will have the answers to safeguard your interests. We  have an established reputa on for providing specialist  tax and trust advice, as well as extensive experience in  estate  planning.  We  will  draw  on  this  when  advising  you on your Wills

             Private Wealth   your  Whatever   can   we   arise,   team  regarded   cost-effec vely.

                                                We deal with all aspects of planning law, providing
                                                  authori es,   the   on   and  legisla on   specialists   projects  where
                                                  planning   local   landowners   and   planning   environmental  work  closely  together  and  our  combined  exper se   with  effec vely
                                          Planning & Environmental   developers,   to   investors   current   of   and  planning   Our   deal   to   us  the disciplines overlap.

                                                  advice   contractors,   applica on   policy.   enables
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