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                  and   quality  property legal team is focused on the needs of our   to   is  pragma c advice in a  mely and cost-effec ve way  to ensure you reach the goal you wish to achieve.   “Extremely efficient, as always”
al Property   to  Dedicated   aim   Our


                                               environmental,   resolu on   op ons,   funding   occupiers,   housing   social
                                               planning,   dispute   estate   agreements,   investment,   corporate  investors,   operators,

                                               specialist   real  colleagues,  our  skilled  real  estate  team  advise  on  a  full  range of property maEers. These include strategic land,   promo on   environmental,  arrangements, purchases of exis ng businesses, such as  hotels  and  pubs,  and  all  commercial  lease  maEers.  We

                                                 and     and         including
                                               by                      retail
                                          Real Estate   Supported   construc on   development   planning,   client   developers,

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