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bank         socie es,   individual
                  The exper se we offer in banking and finance is central
                     to our commercial work. It covers everything from
                       requiring    building   and

                       transac ons  funding to large scale corporate refinancing. Our mul - disciplined  banking  group  draws  on  the  considerable  breadth of experience of lawyers from a wide range of  prac ce areas. Ac ng for both lenders and borrowers,   banks,   major  private equity houses and private funders, as well as a   in

             Banking and Finance   property  commercial   include   clients   corporate,   of   borrowers.


                                                       private   companies,   authori es.  We   experienced
                                                       include   clients   and  partnerships   local   and   of   team   our  lawyers with a wide range of legal specialisms and  all with a genuine interest in the issues which affect

             The Sectors we Serve                                      Among the sectors we serve are:     Agriculture, Food & Rural Business      law  agricultural   Our   farm  individuals,   chari es  estates,   landed   through   advice   provide   rural and food businesses and landowners.
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