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Our  public  sector  lawyers  have  extensive  experience
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                     spectrum  development agencies, government departments and  Some of our public sector clients have a na onal remit   billion   a   of   equally  smaller authori es, such as parish councils, on maEers

                     wide   authori es,   excess   are

                     a   local   other public sector bodies.   in   lawyers   our   important to their communi es.
             Public Sector   with  working   including   budgets   with   However,

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                                                     managed   owner   deliver   we   well,   in  business   your   legal  specialist
                                                Owner Managed Businesses   of   team  dedicated  lawyers understands that every business is different.   you   know   to   of   aspects   all   on  prac cal and cost-effec ve manner and offer access   of   range   wide

                                                     Our   geFng   By   advice   a   to   exper se.
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