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                  technologies   specialising   about   clients   understand   how

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                  to  changed significantly over the past 20 years - such  as those rela ng to e-commerce, cloud compu ng,  open source soGware and privacy/data protec on.   to   talk    me   they  develops and is to be applied to clients’ business’.
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             Technology   laws   Many   team   Our   technology   technology   involved.

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                                         record   regula on,   Legal   iden fy   work   We   shoo ng,   hockey   Paralympic
                                         long-established   governance,   the   to   organisa ons   advice.   tennis,   ice   and   golf   and   disability
                                         a  advising sports administrators, na onal governing bodies,  sports  clubs,  chari es  and  trusts  on  all  aspects  of  their  employment and commercial and property maEers. We   appointed  Framework, an ini a ve established by Sport England, UK  Sport and others to help na onal governing bo
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                                         sports   organisa on,   of   one   sport   access   organisa ons.

                                    Sport   Our              wider   gain   numerous   ska ng,   represent

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