Page 18 - Our Firmwide Brochure
P. 18

£1million being raised through Chariots of Fire since 1992
                                           representa ves of the Cambridge community celebra ng

                                         Trustees of Hewitsons Charitable Trust and


                        causes   other   community   to   them   responsibility
                     communi es in which we all live and work. Our staff
                  We take pride in the role our firm plays within the

                        good   and   help
             Our commitment to the community
                        for   Trust   the   and

                        funds   Charitable   work  of   offices   environmental

                        raise   the   our  link generosity and need within their communi es.  seriously and operate our business in a way which  has as liEle detrimental impact on the environment

                        to   Hewitsons   support   to   local   our
                        encouraged   the   We   founda ons   take   also

                        are   through   chari es.   We   as possible.
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