Page 11 - Residential Development Brochure
P. 11

We  act  on  behalf  of  both  affordable  housing  providers
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                    dispose   who   of   One  number of their sites to affordable housing providers and  we have extensive experience with golden brick contracts   We frequently act on behalf of our developer clients who  wish to invest in property, usually for the provision of a   pension.  acquisi on of either residen al or commercia

             Affordable Housing   developers   housing.  affordable   and associated build contracts.   Investment Property   personal  self-invested   specialist   have   extensions thereto.   reversions  freehold   ground rents.


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                    property   a   of  comprehensive  tle enquiries and commission the usual  searches and will also provide you with a legal report on  the same. We are also able to deal with the eventual sale   of   amount   for   the   and   the   of  which  may  be  needed  (where  freehold  proper es  need   service  Covenant whe

             Part Exchange Proper
es      exis ng  purchaser’s   a   purchase   the  towards   of the property taken in part exchange.     Management Companies      large   a   have   We   Companies  Management   areas  communal   to   areas  communal   prepara on   the  includes   towards  contribute   to   the   of   payment  exampl
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