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             SeKng up the sale of two large residen al sites in

                   of            lending   two   as   partnerships
                   area             to   structured   developer   contract

                   large         preparing   rela on   liability

                   a  development land with an advantageous planning  Major acquisi on of two sites for local charity, The   residen al  rela on to a number of site acquisi ons ranging in  Advising a local authority client on a development   building  construc on of affordable units and an associated  Advising  a  local  charity  on  a
                   of            and   in                           for the acquisi on of new museum premises
                   sale   for    client   documents   developments   limited  opera ng vehicles in each case   large  size from 30 plus units to over 200 units   and

                phased blocks.   Prepara on   permission.   Greensand Trust    a  Advising   security   residen al   using  ventures   a  Advising   agreement   transfer of land

             ▪     ▪       ▪     ▪             ▪       ▪          ▪

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                    clients, which reflects the strong exper se and excellent
                 The team has recently aAracted a number of ac ve new
                           involved        rela on   associated   residen al   development
                      value that the team offers in a compe  ve market.

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                           have            client     aspects       residen al

                           we      Advising a client in rela on to the development of  a  site  for  in  excess  of  50,000  houses  comprising  na onally significant infrastructure projects.   Agreement  documenta on  for  a  site  which  is  hoped  will  be  developed as a site of around 4,000 houses    all   on  development work inc
                           deals           landowner   client       large

                           recent          a   Promo on   a     round within 48 hours   of  Acquisi on  aJer sealed bid tender.

             Recent Deals         of  Examples   include:      ▪   Advising   ▪   Advising   ▪   ▪
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