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                                               Bryan Guest   Legal Director   01604 463146   commercial   in  specialises   development,   pre-let  (including   obliga ons)  construc on  mineral agreements, the laAer of which   on   draw   to  experience as a commercial geologist.

                                                           Bryan   residen al   tenant   with   Bryan   allows

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                  Individual biographies of some of the Hewitsons’ team are set out below:

                                               Gareth Williams   Partner   01604 463344     Gareth leads our rural prac ce. Gareth   in  experience  extensive   has   and  acquisi ons   with  including  complex  planning  promo on   and   op ons  agreements,  disposals of land for development.    11

                                               Claire Howard-Amos   Partner   01604 463323      development  residen al  specialist and acts for a range of client   landowners,   private   and  authori es   local

             Our Team                                      a   is   Claire   including   types   developers,   chari es.
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