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Ross Johnstone   Partner   020 7400 5034   specialist  knowledge  of,  and  extensive experience in, the full range  of real estate services. He is the long-  to   advisor   trusted   and   property   the   in   clients   healthcare   and   financial

                                                            Ross  has   maAers,   and   standing   real   numerous   issues   investment,   sectors.

                                               Michael Russell   Associate   01223 532750  Michael advises on a full range of non-  estate   real   landlord   and   leases   sales/purchases,   issues,   property  development,  for  chari es  and  the  property  aspects  of corporate transac ons.    12

                                                            experience   conten ous  developers   including   tenant   estate  condi onal

                                               Amanda O’Mahony   Senior Solicitor   01604 463115      years’   many   has   Amanda   and  landowners   for   ac ng  in dealing with promo on agreements,  op on agreements, hybrid agreements,   agreements,  collabora on   contracts and overage.
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