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of   aspects   106   sec on   agreements,   appeals,

                                          Gemma Dudley   Legal Director   01223 532747   all   with   deals   including   law,   highways   and  applica ons  cer ficates of lawfulness, enforcement  maAers and high court challenges.

                                                      Gemma   planning   agreements,  property   planning   use   mixed

                                          Graeme Sampson   Partner   01223 532736  Graeme has wide experience and over  the years has advised on most areas of   commercial  work. He now specialises par cularly in   and  commercial  development and investment work.    13

                                                        social   non-conten ous  development   complex

                                          Yve>e Morgan   Partner   01908 247012  YveAe is a partner in our Milton Keynes   scale   large   in  specialising   mixed   and  projects ac ng mainly for public sector

                                                        office   housing   agencies.
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