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in  experience   and   contract   for   sector   local

                                          Tim Richards   Partner   01908 247011      extensive   of   forms   all   documenta on   public   and   private  projects including for the University of   Colleges,   FE  authori es and the MRC and HCA.

                                                      Tim   has  veterinary   draJing   College,   development   major,   Cambridge,  HerEordshire   Prac ce   a   gaining

                                          Emma Bowman   Solicitor   01223 532717   studied  originally   Newnham   at  Cambridge  University and qualified as  a vet in 1998. AJer 17 years prac sing  as a vet, she completed the Graduate   at   Law   in   Legal   the   and   University,   BPP   dis nc on in both

                                                      Emma   medicine   Diploma   University   at   Course
                                                      both   in   non-conten ous   covers   he   and

                                          Brendon Lee   Associate   01223 532757      specialises   and   experience  planning  both major and minor commercial and   developments,  regularly  assists  with  planning  appeals

                                                      Brendon   conten ous   His   cases.   residen al   and applica ons.
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