Page 18 - Residential Development Brochure
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Sardeep Gill   Solicitor   01223 461155     Sardeep joined Hewitsons as a trainee   and   2015  September   in   Solicitor   advises  Sardeep   2017.   in  qualified   both   of   range   broad   a   on   clients   non-conten ous   and  conten ous   Construc on maAers.

                                         Simon Wain   Partner   01908 247019   construc on   covers  exper se   has   and   disputes   dispute   all   of  experience   ADR,  including  techniques   proceedings   court  (including a number of reported cases),   15

                                                     Simon’s   engineering   extensive   resolu on   adjudica on,   and arbitra ons.

                                                        and  consultants,   of   on   advises

                                         Colin Jones   Partner   01223 532731     Colin has many years of  experience in   developers,   for   ac ng   occupiers   and  contractors   and  projects  construc on  both  conten ous  and  non-conten ous  construc on law maAers.
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