Page 21 - Residential Development Brochure
P. 21

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             In  representa on will be provided in a  mely manner   Supervision  and  quality  control  - As rela onship  supervision of work. Emphasis is on ensuring that   intended  business  requirements  of  the  relevant  client  and  that it is correct, clear, commercial, pragma c and   accredited,  management is undertaken so a
             -   in accordance with all agreed deadlines.   key  outside these hours by phone and email.   to   -   arrangements   you
             advice      all       is   Claire   tailored   the   of  legal  or  non-legal,  that  it   Lexcel   costs   with   including

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             Timing   Availability   8am   partner,   advice   knowledge   we   As   Controlling   that   and   instruc on

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ons  instruc ons  are  confirmed  in  wri ng.  In  cases  of  urgency this may not be done before the advice is  given or the appropriate ac on is taken and may   Site  visits  - Site visits are undertaken when

             can    instruc ons,  successfully with many clients.   of   simultaneously   As  that maximum benefit can be obtained.   instruc ons   Otherwise

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on   done  confirma on of our advice.   project.   and   taking   confirmed in wri ng.

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