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In addi on to the quality work we undertake, we would
                    also strive to add value in other areas by supplying the
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                                   is   would   we  regular reports providing key details on the progress of all  live maAers, including costs informa on. This informa on  would be circulated internally to all relevant personnel.   Storage of deeds is a service that we are happy to provide   We  required.   when  appointed   the   of

             Added Value   following free of charge:   Repor
ng   communica on   Regular   and  rela onships,   Deeds Storage   where   clients   if   further   this   apprecia on   greater


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                     you should instruct and we recognise that flexibility and
                  We know that cost is an important factor in deciding who
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             Our approach to fees and added value
                       You    most      about   –   easier           find
                       factors.   the   is   it   –   lives          will   You
                       key  value for money in the services you receive from us.   ensuring  people do the right things supported by technology and  up- to-date communica ons tools. However, we believe  that value is more than just the fees paid for a par cular   your  legal costs with the results achieved is the ul mate test.  One of
                       are              concluded                    people.
                       pricing   efficiently   makes          members to ensure best value.   our

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                       certainty   work   or   approach              experience

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