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                  Hewitsons has been recognised as a leader in providing
                    legal services for more than 175 years. Our people have
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                       knowledge  outstanding  service  to  clients.  In  order  to  demonstrate   case   some   achievements  Hewitsons is a leading law firm opera ng out of offices in   London  and  provides  a  City  firm  quality  of  service  for  regional,   clients.  interna onal   are   142   to   rela ng  planning and development

             The Firm—an overview      and  experience   the   all   included   have   we   this   our   of   some   Development field.      Cambridge,  Northampton,   and  na onal   which   of  employees   prac ce  substan al   needs   clients’   our   meet   teams  partner-led   and when the need arises.
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