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development with some mixed use elements. This was a
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             We acted in the acquisi on of a large site for residen al

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                 tender  involving complicated site assembly issues. We were able   short  amendments to the draJ contract and transfer prior to  the bid submission, winning on some crucial  factors  for  our  client.  Since  acquisi on  we  have  assisted  the  client   requirements   agreements,   diversion  collabora on agreement b

                 bid               parcelled               landowners   as   rela on

                 sealed   extremely   legal   and   planning   agreements,   escrow  works and all disposal documenta on.   three   well  infrastructure projects (road and rail).   in   includes

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               queries   will   we   transfers,   a   per nent   when   draJing   and   two   for   promo on
             that  when  you  are  assessing  the  viability  of  a  site,  you

               relevant   acquisi on   and   prepare   any   account   the   with   prepara on   sites   to

               your      contracts   would   highlight   into   take   together   the   from   op ons

               to     an   on   of   and   to   to  This will include a thorough inves ga on of the  tle and  and nego a on of any sec on 106 agreements prior to  the grant of permission. We can also assist with all of the   during  development stages including advocacy at public inquiry  We have comprehensive experience in dealing wi
               answers  quickly so that you do not miss out on any opportuni es.   act   nego a on   report   need   maAers   arise   disposals   and

               the    to   searches   legal   will   you   planning   may   contracts   with all aspects of property finance.

               have   instructed   the                       and

               to        undertake   commission   comprehensive   which   developing the site.   associated   that   if it is needed.   acquisi ons   condi onal
               need      Once   issues           issues
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