Page 8 - Residential Development Brochure
P. 8

Authori es  and  third  party  u li es,  water  and  drainage
                 We have exper se in nego a ng agreements with Local
                              (works   widening   38   highway   the   to   un-  of   Environment   ameni es.   an   of
                           We  are  currently  advising  clients  in  nego a ng  Sec on
             Planning, U
es, Highways and Drainage Agreements
                              1980   Sec on    rela on                    provisions
                              Act   turnings,   etc.),   become   in   diversion   and   and

                              Highways   road   would   1991   the   to   Planning   housing   the

                              The   highway,   highways,  Agreements under The Highways Act 1980 (Works done  to the roadway created  for the use of the plots on the   which  maintainable at public expense), Sec on 104 Agreements   Act  adop on of the private sewers under the site and Sec on   rela on   our  department in nego a ng Se

                              under   exis ng   exis ng   itself   site   Industry   in  adopted sewer for use by the development.   with   agreements

                              Agreements   an   to   Water   The   Agreements   closely   infrastructure,   106

                      providers.   to   opening   development   under   work   sec on

                              278   done            185      We      local
             800         historic    Essex   the   the   certain   take   though

             for         a           in   between   of   of   to   development
             alloca on   of          site   seAling   and   protec on   promoter   of   developments

             with        presence   the   development   agreement   nego a on   the   the   for   form   the

             Bedfordshire  homes. Our client is one of two developers and assumes  the  lead  role  in  the  promo on  through planning  of  the  site. Par cular complexi es included an enhanced profit  share for our client under the joint venture to reflect its   and  monument and other key archaeological features on land  We acted for

             in          ac vity   forming part of the overall site.   residen al   a   on   and   across   and   promo on   act
             site                         on               its    just
             venture     promo onal      significant   lead   the   landowners   equaliza on   landholdings,   of   part   land.      don’t   We
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