Page 9 - Residential Development Brochure
P. 9

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             high  obtaining  redevelopment  funding  for  a  large  mixed  use  development  on  a  site  which  we  also  acquired  for  the  client. We dealt with the nego a on of funding, security   Our  planning  and  regulatory  lawyers  can  assist  with  all  manner of problems and issues that can arise during site   course  s

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             recently    Snags and Challenges   prepara on


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             agreement affected the viability of a scheme due to the
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               the  now  adopted  CIL  charging  schedules  we  can  advise  on   and   Our team have wide experience of dealing with complex   including  construc on contracts, dealing with all of the necessary   large   subsequent   extensive  banking and finance sector and the necessary corporate  support from our highly experienced

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               economic   the      Funding Agreements      funding   paperwork   agreements   acquisi ons.      to   place   in   sales to proceed.
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