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Real Estate

       Our Real Estate team has a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of commercial real
       estate matters, including commercial development, residential development and strategic land,
       among  many  others.  Its  clients  include  individuals,  businesses,  charities,  educational
       establishments, governmental bodies, developers and funders, both domestic and international.

       Our  real  estate  services  cover  promotion  agreements  and  strategic  site  assembly,  option
       agreements,  conditional  contracts,  infrastructure  provision  and  management  company
       structures, and outright acquisition of freehold and leasehold interests. Our Solicitors also cover a
       wider  range  of  real  estate  issues  including  acquisition  of  rights  and  easements,  release  or
       variation  of  restrictive  covenants,  construction  procurement,  development  agreements,  joint
       ventures, and disposal of developed units.

       In addition, by working closely with other Hewitsons teams, such as Planning & Environmental,
       we can offer a fully joined up service across the lifecycle of a development, from site acquisition
       and planning through to the build and occupation.

        Works closely with:

                     Construction                                Planning &

                     & Engineering                               Environmental

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