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Real Estate Disputes

                   We  work  closely  with  all  of  the  property,  agricultural  and  construction  teams.    We  know  that
                   nobody wants to litigate.  However knowing the range of powers available to you (or not as the
                   case may be) can often be a key element to determining your strategy and approach.

                   Our team is well versed in advising on preventative steps as well as in taking prompt action when
                   a position needs to be preserved or protected.
                   We  have  extensive  experience  at  the  High  Court,  the  Land  Tribunals,  and  at  Land  Registry
                   adjudications in Restrictive covenants, Easements, Rights of way, Boundaries, Wayleave and other
                   utility agreements, and Telecom rights.

                   Our Solicitors also cover such activities such as 1954 Act Business Tenancies, Residential rights
                   pursuant  to  statutes  (including  Rent  Act  tenancies,  Service  Occupancies  and  agricultural
                   occupiers), Rights of light issues, and Contractual disputes with third parties and/ or promotors.

                 Works closely with:

                              Construction                                Agriculture &

                              & Engineering                               Rural Property

                              Real Estate

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