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Agriculture & Rural Property

       Agriculture  and  rural  property  expertise  runs  deeply  through  Hewitsons,  so  our  lawyers
       understand the challenges that modern landowners face.

       The changes that farming and rural businesses are likely to encounter over the coming years are
       unprecedented. Many see that income for agricultural use of land may drop so selling land for
       development  may  provide  essential  additional  capital  to  the  business.  At  Hewitsons  our
       Agricultural and Rural Property team have many years of experience in working with our clients
       in structuring the promotion and sale of strategic development land for landowning clients. This
       can range from selling some redundant farm buildings for conversion to houses to mixed use
       developments with over 6,000 houses or extensive employment uses.

       The  planning  conditions  and  developer  contributions  imposed  on  a  site  have  a  very  material
       effect on the value received by the landowner. Under many promotion and option agreements
       the landowner does not lead the negotiations with the planning authority agreement so it is vital
       the  landowners  planning  team  works  closely  with  the  developers.  Our  Agricultural  and  Rural
       Property  team  regularly  work  with  our  planning  team  to  ensure  the  planning  conditions  are
       correctly structured to maximise the value to the landowner and to allow for as flexible a sale
       strategy as possible.

       If a site already has planning permission then we will deal with sale contracts for conditional and
       unconditional sales. Frequently this causes us to consider issues arising from deferred payment
       structures, claw back of repaid developer contributions and overage.

       If there is a tenant to deal with we, and our real estate litigation team, can work together to
       advise  on  the  best  way  of  resuming  possession  whether  it  be  negotiating  an  agreement  to
       surrender or the best tactics to employ when serving a Case B notice to quit on an agricultural
       Regardless of the matter, throughout the entire process a dedicated partner will take the time to
       get to know you and ensure you receive the right advice – clearly, promptly and adapted to your

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