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Agriculture & Rural Property Disputes

                    The  statutes  that  govern  occupation  often  require  long  notice  periods  and  one  or
                    more grounds to be satisfied.  In addition, often there is only one opportunity in a
                    year for a notice to be served and therefore a lack of early planning can be to the
                    detriment of the landowner.

                    In identifying what rights are in situe at an early stage is crucial—both agricultural
                    related  tenancies, business  tenancies  and  residential  occupation  can be  difficult  to
                    terminate if the written agreements that accompany them are not comprehensive.

                    It  is  also  important  to  ensure  that  any  accrued  rights  can  be  proven  and/or
                    documented.  This might involve production of Statutory Declarations or applications
                    to Land Registry.

                    It is important to deal with all land rights formally if there is a risk of a dispute in the
                    future  or  if  there  are  any  issues  or  rights  on  the  land  which  could  impact  upon
                    potential development value or the timing of any development.

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