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Planning & Environmental

       Planning  laws  are  fast-changing,  so  securing  proper  advice  in  relation  to  your  development
       proposal is critical.
       Hewitsons’  specialist  Planning  &  Environmental  team  advises  developers,  public  bodies,
       contractors,  investors  and  landowners  on  the  application  of  current  planning  legislation  and
       policy. We work quickly, effectively and collaboratively to commercial timescales and budgets.

       Our planning and environmental specialists work closely together, combining expertise to enable
       us  to  deal  effectively  with  projects  where  the  disciplines  overlap,  such  as  those  relating  to
       ecology or pollution.

       Our planning experts deal with all aspects of planning law and include experienced advocates
       who handle a range of planning appeals nationwide. Whether you need us to advise on Local Plan
       representations, prepare a planning application, negotiate a section 106 agreement, or pursue an
       appeal  or  High  Court  challenge,  we  have  the  experience  needed  to  maximise  your  asset’s

       Meanwhile,  our  environmental  expertise  ranges  from  contaminated  land  to  environmental
       permitting, water pollution and nuisance. We advise in connection with development proposals,
       as well as with end users, such as those in manufacturing, farming and waste management. We
       are also experienced in advising in relation to environmental impact assessments. The team deals
       with criminal and civil matters and undertakes advocacy at inquiries and in the Magistrates Court,
       as well as dealing with High Court challenges.

        Works closely with:

                                                                Agriculture & Rural
                     Agriculture & Rural Property
                                                                Property Disputes

                     Real Estate

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