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Construction & Engineering

                   Our team of construction lawyers has a leading reputation and has won plaudits for its effective
                   and pragmatic approach. We advise the construction industry, employers and related businesses
                   and  organisations  on:  procurement  of  consultant  services  and  works;  a  wide  range
                   of commercial, residential and infrastructure projects or renewable energy installations; and rep-
                   resentation in dispute resolution for such projects.

                   Our understanding of construction law is based on longstanding relationships with contractors,
                   design and construction professionals, developers, project funders, manufacturers and suppliers
                   of construction products and technologies. Members of this team work particularly closely with
                   our education, charities, rural, banking and cleantech groups.

                   Our clients demand value from the construction law services we provide. When it comes to con-
                   struction law, we aim to secure your interests without losing sight of the commercial realities.
                   Our construction law services include:

                   ■    advice on procurement;

                   ■    construction contracts;

                   ■    commercial agreements;

                   ■    development agreements; and

                   ■    all forms of dispute resolution.

                  Works closely with:

                                Commercial                                Corporate

                                Planning                                  Real Estate

                                Real Estate Disputes

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