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                   Our commercial law specialists pride themselves not just on knowing the law but also on having
                   commercial awareness and being able to apply innovative thinking. We advise on a wide range of
                   commercial  issues  across  many  different  industry  sectors,  so  we  are  confident  that  our
                   experienced lawyers have the knowledge and expertise that you need.

                   Examples of some of the areas of commercial law on which we advise are:
                   ■    Commercial Contracts – we draft and help to negotiate agreements for the supply of goods
                        and  services;  agency,  distribution  and  franchise  agreements;  terms  and  conditions  of
                        business (both B2B and B2C); and outsourcing arrangements.

                   ■    Data  Protection  &  Privacy  –  we  advise  on  compliance  with  the  GDPR  and  related  data
                        protection legislation; we draft and advise on policies and procedures, agreements for data
                        sharing and data processing, the overseas transfer of personal data, and how to respond to
                        and deal with data security breaches.

                   ■    Collaboration  and  Joint  Ventures  –  we  advise  on,  draft  and  negotiate  research  and
                        development,  collaboration,  partnership  and  technology  transfer  agreements  as  well  as
                        related agreements for clinical trials, manufacturing and licensing.

                   ■    Intellectual Property – we help with the protection of trade names and logos, advise on
                        copyright issues, and draft agreements for the commercial exploitation of IP rights such as
                        licences, royalty arrangements and assignments; we also provide advice and assistance in
                        helping to  pursue  or  defend  claims  for  infringement  of patents,  trade marks  and  design

                   ■    Information  Technology  –  we  advise  on  the  development,  licensing  and  support  of
                        software and apps including agreements for software-as-a-service and other cloud-based
                        services arrangements; we draft and advise on master services/framework agreements for
                        the  provision  of  IT-related  services;  we  draft,  advise  on  and  negotiate  IT  outsourcing
                        agreements; and we prepare and advise on documentation for the design and development
                        of websites.

                   Our commercial lawyers provide practical advice and suggest pragmatic solutions in response to
                   what are often difficult commercial issues. Our drafting is clear and intelligible. We understand
                   that there is often a need for a speedy response and we always aim to ensure that our advice and
                   documentation is provided quickly, yet accurately, to meet any relevant deadlines.

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