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                                With the government preparing to invest billions of pounds over the coming years
                                in the area spanning Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Oxford and Northampton (which
                                we refer to as the ‘Oxford-Cambridge Arc’), this is an exciting time for the region.
                                Whether you are a landowner interested in selling, a developer of housing or other
                                facilities, or a business looking to expand, the opportunities are immense.

                 As  a  firm  with  expertise  in  every  aspect  of  law  relating  to  each  of  these  areas  (among  many
                 others),  Hewitsons  is  perfectly  placed  to  help  you  capitalise  on  this  period  of  growth.  Our
                 specialist  teams  work  closely  with  one  another  to  provide  you  with  a  cohesive  and
                 comprehensive  solution  for  all  your  legal  requirements  –  always  with  our  guiding  principle  of
                 ‘absolute client focus’ in mind.

                 In this document, you will find information about how Hewitsons’ various specialist teams can
                 help with your specific needs, whether you are a private individual, a trustee, a multi-national
                 company, a farmer or a construction firm.

                 For more information, please feel free to call us and one of our experts will be happy to discuss
                 your requirements with you at no initial cost. We have offices in Cambridge, Milton Keynes and
                 Northampton, as well as in London, placing us at the heart of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc. Contact
                 details  can  be  found  on  the  back  of  this  document.  Alternatively,  please  visit

                 We look forward to hearing from you soon.

                 Tim Richards

                 Partner, Head of Construction

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