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Information for landowners

       We understand that, as a landowner interested in selling, your needs will vary depending on the
       nature of your organisation and your experience in this area.
       For  instance,  some  private  individuals  may  be  considering  selling  land  for  the  first  time,  to
       capitalise  on  the  opportunities  now  available  in  the  Oxford-Cambridge  arc,  whereas  large
       institutions, such as universities, may have been through the process many times before.

       Our  extensive  record  of  acting  for  farmers,  other  private  individuals,  consortiums,  estates,
       charities,  education  providers  and  other  landowning  institutions  means  that  we  can  devise  a
       strategy and approach that will cover all your specific requirements.

       No matter who you are, our respected Real Estate and Planning & Environmental  teams will be
       invaluable. More information about these teams can be found on pages 8 and 12, respectively.

       For  farmers  and  other  private  individuals,  our  Agriculture  &  Rural  Property  team  has  all  the
       relevant expertise to make your venture a success. For more information about this team, please
       see page 10.

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