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Information for developers

                   As the Oxford-Cambridge arc develops further, there will be a substantial need for everything
                   from schools to shopping centres. The driving force, however will be the need for extra housing.
                   Hewitsons  has  teams  of  lawyers  specialising  in  residential  development  and  the  issues
                   surrounding  strategic  land  –  land  that  has  not  yet  reached  its  development  potential.  These
                   teams work for a wide range of clients, including landowners, developers, promoters and public
                   bodies, and this breadth of experience enables us to anticipate what other partners may want or
                   need in a transaction.
                   No matter which category your organisation falls into, we can help to agree a structure that is
                   right for you and assist with your negotiations to deliver on the project. We aim to work with
                   clients at the very start of negotiations, to ensure that heads of terms reflect the deal that is best
                   for them.

                   For developers of all types, the combined expertise of our Real Estate, Planning & Environmental,
                   Construction & Engineering, and  Corporate teams will help ensure that your project is a success.
                   For more information about these teams, see pages 8, 13, 14 and 15 respectively.

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