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Vacation Placement Scheme


We offer Vacation Placements during June, July and August each year. We select for interview for a Vacation Placement from applications from undergraduates in cases where the student already meets our Trainee Solicitor A level or IB criteria.

If successful the Vacation Placement offered will be for one working week, and the choice of area will take into account particular interests which the student has revealed in our discussions.

Throughout the placement week there will be one senior individual, most likely to be a Partner or a Senior Associate, who will act as a mentor on the work experience journey during which the student will spend time in 2 or more work areas. Students will be given work specifically aimed at their level of understanding but sufficiently challenging to give them a valuable feel for both the work and the demands upon the qualified Solicitors to meet the clients’ needs.

Where students demonstrate particular aptitude, they will also automatically qualify for an interview for a Training Contract should they wish to apply. 

The process

1.   This firm offers Vacation Placements each year in June, July and August only.
2.   Vacation Placements are for one working week.
3.   The Vacation Placement Scheme gives preference to undergraduates.
4.   Applications are by way of covering letter and CV to which must be received by no later than 31st January in the year in which the placement is being sought.
5.   Applicants who meet the minimum A Level criteria for Training Contracts (2 As and a B or the equivalent at IB) will be eligible to be selected for interview.
6.   Those who are successful will be offered a Vacation Placement which may be at any of our offices, but most likely the office to which the Student can travel most easily.
7.   A Vacation Placement Student will spend 1, 2 or a maximum of 3 days in any one work area.
8.   Each Vacation Placement Student will have a Partner or Senior Associate mentor for the week.
9. There is a feedback mechanism in place from all those who have supervised a Vacation Placement Student.  
10.  The students who impress and for whom feedback is consistently positive in all respects, will be guaranteed an interview in the Training Contract process, should they wish to apply to this firm.