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A diverse group of individuals gathered around a table, engrossed in their work on a laptop.

07th Feb 2024

Finding, and keeping, employees in a competitive market

The recent CIPD Autumn Labour Market Outlook report 2023 found that 41% of employers surveyed have hard-to-fill vacancies. Given the well documented costs associated with recruitment, and other factors such […]
The houses of parliament

18th Jan 2024

Labour’s proposed employment reforms: what schools should know

In anticipation of the 2024 general election, the Labour Party has set out in its green paper ‘a New Deal for Working People’ its proposed changes to employment law and employee […]
A person with a broken arm signing paperwork

16th Jan 2024

Health and safety at work: defending vicarious liability claims

Vicarious liability can be a formidable challenge for employers, causing responsibility to extend beyond the individual and creating shared accountability for employers and employees alike. In this article we delve […]
Two people shaking hands

22nd Nov 2023

Sponsor licences – unleash the power

With the end of free movement of workers, the UK’s immigration system changed significantly overnight. In the lead up to the UK’s exit from the European Union, immigration lawyers were […]
Two people talking

09th Oct 2023

Workers given right to a predictable working pattern

On 18 September 2023, the Workers (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Bill received Royal Assent, becoming the Workers (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Act 2023. The Act is not yet in force […]

24th Jul 2023

Tackling the UK Cyber Skills Shortage – an interview with Andy Bates, CFO of Gloucestershire College

Steven Murray, HCR’s Cheltenham-based Partner and Head of IP and Technology Disputes, recently met with Andy Bates, Chief Financial Officer at Gloucestershire College, at a local CyNam event. Having just […]

19th Jul 2023

Upskill and reskill – could that be the answer to the NHS recruitment crisis?

The skills shortage touches every sector of the UK economy. In the NHS alone there are 110,000 vacancies – meaning 1 in 10 of posts are not filled.  Every employer […]
Three people having a meeting

14th Jul 2023

The UK skills shortage: how employee incentive schemes can attract and retain staff

As a result of the UK skills shortage, businesses are having to do more to retain and attract staff. Effective employee incentive schemes have been shown to increase productivity and […]
Healthcare workers

12th Jul 2023

Solving the health and social care skills gap – what can be done?

The skills gap in the health and social care industry has been a long running problem for the sector. Many workers that would usually fill the gaps in the labour […]
A man working from home

04th Jul 2023

Immigration considerations – sponsored workers and remote working

The employment landscape is changing. The current skills gap means that there is an ongoing challenge for employers to find the skills they need from within the UK. As a […]

11th May 2023

The Canadian time thief – remote working and claiming for unworked hours

A recent tribunal hearing in Canada is a cautionary tale for employees working remotely. Karlee Besse has been ordered to pay damages to her former employer for “time theft”, after […]

04th May 2023

Employment law update: laws on the horizon – May 2023

The ever-changing nature of UK employment law can make it difficult for both employer and employee alike to keep on top of the duties owed to members of staff in […]
Someone nervously picking their fingers

03rd May 2023

ACAS issues guidance on reasonable adjustments for mental health

Deteriorating mental health is becoming an increasingly serious cause for concern worldwide. The World Health Organisation (‘WHO’) reports that 15% of working-age adults are estimated to have a mental disorder. […]
A woman working in a high tech computer room

01st Jul 2022

The Future of Digital and Tech Services in Publicly Funded Contracts

Given the unstoppable growth of the UK tech sector, it’s not surprising that there is tighter focus on the need to ensure the government properly assesses, procures and manages digital, […]
Woman working from home doing a virtual call with colleagues

15th Oct 2021

Is your business ready to be agile?

During the disruption of Covid-19 many employees have worked anywhere and everywhere, some juggling their working day with teaching long division and phonics. Now that the initial crisis has passed, […]

04th Jun 2021

Working from home: call to ban out-of-hours emails from bosses

The right to disconnect effectively gives employees the ability to switch off from work and not engage in electronic communications, such as emails, during non-work hours.  Governments around the world […]

19th May 2021

Video series: dealing with the effects of Covid-19 on the commercial property market

2020 was a year like no other for the commercial property market. The effects of Covid-19 on the sector were profound and are still being felt today. Many office staff […]
Business Leader panel debate: Are UK offices no longer fit for purpose?

07th May 2021

Business Leader panel debate: Are UK offices no longer fit for purpose?

With restrictions easing, many business leaders now face the task of deciding how the future will look for their employees, in regards to where they work and how they work. […]

29th Apr 2021

A year on – what opportunities can the High Street take from Covid-19?

We can all see the battering our high streets have taken over the last year as a result of Covid-19 which hit a retail sector already weathering a storm of […]
Business Leader panel debate: Is homeworking causing a productivity crisis?

26th Feb 2021

Business Leader panel debate: Is homeworking causing a productivity crisis?

Almost 12 months since working changed forever, many businesses are still struggling to adapt to the demands and intricacies of hybrid and remote working. Leadership has long been an ever-evolving […]
Combining home working and home schooling

10th Feb 2021

Combining home working and home schooling

With schools shut and most people working from home where they can, combining children’s remote learning with parents’ remote working is a hot topic; Ellis Walby of Cheltenham’s employment team […]
Sut a ble y byddwn yn gweithio yn y dyfodol?

05th Feb 2021

Sut a ble y byddwn yn gweithio yn y dyfodol?

Ydych chi’n dyheu i fynd yn ôl i’r swyddfa? Ynteu ydych chi wrth eich bodd yn gweithio yn eich lle eich hun gartref? Pa fath o gydbwysedd gwaith fydd yn […]

10th Jan 2021

Off camera: the invisible bias of remote working

The rapid roll-out of flexible working in response to Covid-19 has had many positive impacts. But, if we’re not careful, its long-term deployment may hinder social mobility and undermine equal […]

10th Jan 2021

2020: the biggest planning uses shake-up in decades

2020 has seen the biggest shake-up of planning uses for decades, providing much needed flexibility for businesses, but also huge uncertainty for the future of the retail high street and […]

10th Jan 2021

Financing your 2021 office innovation

If one thing is clear from our new research, published in our Future Workspaces report, it’s that the 2021 workplace is going to look very different. In spring, it will […]

10th Jan 2021

Co-working: an existing solution to a new challenge

Co-working might be a new concept for many of us, but it’s been a common practice in the creative and cyber sectors since the 1990s. From Berlin’s C-Base to San […]

10th Jan 2021

How to bolster your cyber security in a home-working world

With people spending more time online, and record numbers of people accessing work systems from home networks, cyber security has been a chief concern for employers during this pandemic. Barracuda, […]

10th Jan 2021

In a post-Covid world, what do offices need to look and feel like?

Both employers and employees are enjoying gains from the work-from-home scenario. So why, if at all, do we need to return to the office? And if we do, what needs […]

10th Jan 2021

Cyber risk is the next pandemic

Levels of cybercrime increased exponentially during lockdown, as hackers took advantage of the weakened digital defences of home-workers. New research, published in our Future Workspaces report, suggests that Q1 of […]

10th Jan 2021

The myriad challenges of hot desking and reduced office space

New research, published in our Future Workspaces report, shows that collaborative working is one of the things people are most concerned about missing out on when they work from home. […]

10th Jan 2021

Flexible working is not flexible

Flexible working requires agile minds, policies and resources. Are businesses ready to be truly flexible, or just paying lip service? One thing our new research has shown, published in our […]

10th Jan 2021

Mind the gap: is home working bad for our health?

The lockdown-induced work-from-home revolution has given both employers and staff an insight into what life could be like in a virtual world. A better work-life balance, borderless recruitment, the elimination […]

10th Jan 2021

Quirky office space? Don’t get caught out

Hybrid working is looking like the biggest change for workplaces in 2021. As the vaccine rolls out and the UK begins to recover from the impact of Covid-19, we will, […]

10th Jan 2021

The high street is dead, long live the high street

The evolution of the high street is not new. Changing lifestyles and consumer trends have been shaping and re-shaping our neighbourhoods for decades. In-town vs out-of-town; shopping centre vs pedestrianised […]

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Rachel Roberts, Partner, Deputy Head of Employment and Immigration Team

Becoming an employer of choice isn’t an overnight job. It starts by curating a culture that encourages people to stay with you, which is the best social proof you have. But it also means having the right leadership style, and employee engagement initiatives which make you desirable to potential candidates and current employees. We can help you become an employer of choice as a route to tackling your skills shortages.


Michael Stokes, Partner, Head of Employment and Immigration Team

I chose to specialise in employment law because it’s all about people, and your people are part of your workspace whether that’s in an office, at their homes, or a mix of both. I can help you with your flexible and home working policies, navigating the path of future workspaces in 2023.

Stephanie Hallett, Head of Eagle HR

I like helping businesses achieve their resourcing needs, whether its recruitment, retention or upskilling – I have a passion for ensuring you have the right people to do the right job at the right time.

Lynne Adams, Legal Director, Head of Immigration

The future of our workspaces is dependent on locating the best talent for your workforce, and unfortunately this appears to be the biggest challenge for many businesses. With both employment and immigration expertise, I can help you to explore all available options to fill your skills gap from both inside and outside the UK, and support you and your workforce throughout the process.

Catherine Mitchell, Partner

Employment relationships are complex. These days the question of where and when work takes place can add further uncertainty. Let me help with navigating employment contracts and policies to ensure your workspace promotes harmonious, efficient and productive ways of working.

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