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A person with a broken arm signing paperwork

16th Jan 2024

Health and safety at work: defending vicarious liability claims

Vicarious liability can be a formidable challenge for employers, causing responsibility to extend beyond the individual and creating shared accountability for employers and employees alike. In this article we delve […]
Three people having a meeting

19th Dec 2023

New year, new employment law developments…

Throughout its membership of the European Union, the UK implemented a number of EU laws. As a result of Brexit, the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 confirmed that all current […]
Stone columns outside a court

06th Dec 2023

Civil court claims delays – everything you need to know and do

Civil court claims have been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons, with delays in listing of trial dates reaching 18 months. Judges in England and Wales categorise claims […]
People shaking hands in a meeting

06th Dec 2023

Procurement Act 2023

With the introduction of the Procurement Act 2023, for contractors and suppliers who work for the public sector, or for their public sector clients (contracting authorities), the current regime for […]
cyber security lock

31st Oct 2023

Cyber security, the UK and the EU Cyber Resilience Act – what does it mean?

According to the National Cyber Security Centre, “cyber security is how individuals and organisations reduce the risk of cyber attack.” What is happening in the EU? By way of brief […]
A woman working on a laptop

30th Oct 2023

Top tips to avoid IT disputes

For any business, the overhaul of its IT systems is a significant investment of time and money. The situation is only made worse when expectations are not met, whether in […]
A man in a warehouse working on a tablet

26th Oct 2023

Resolving a dispute with your supplier

A fully functioning supply chain is vital to ensuring that your business is able to perform effectively. Disputes and disagreements with suppliers of goods or services can arise and severely […]
Two people having a meeting

13th Sep 2023

A new era in litigation: Fixed Recoverable Costs

With belts tightening all round, it is not surprising that affordability of legal proceedings remains at the front and centre of the agenda for litigators and their clients alike. The […]

12th May 2023

Statutory books and records obligations – are you compliant?

Despite being a vital part of a company’s records, the keeping of statutory books and records is commonly overlooked. Given that the records establish who owns the company and the […]

27th Apr 2023

Data protection issues today – your questions answered

As part of our In-House with You monthly Q&A series, Georgia Shriane and Daniel De Saulles of our Commercial team spoke about the development of data protection over the past […]

27th Apr 2023

An insider’s guide to dispute resolution clauses (DRCs) – your questions answered

Dispute resolution clauses play a critical role in protecting an organisation’s interests. As part of our In-House with You monthly Q&A series, Partners from our Dispute Resolution and Commercial teams […]

24th Jan 2023

Handling a healthy and safety investigation – your questions answered

As part of our In-House with You monthly Q&A series, insurance specialist Jonathan Edwards spoke about the key aspects of a health and safety investigation, handling investigators, preventing recurrence and […]

24th Jan 2023

Warranties and indemnities – your questions answered

As part of our In-House with You monthly Q&A series, Partners from our Commercial, Corporate and Dispute Resolution teams spoke about the key differences between warranties and indemnities in your […]

23rd Jan 2023

Rationalising your Real Estate for 2023 – your questions answered

Businesses tend to occupy property either as an owner or under the terms of a lease; when considering the sale of freehold property, it’s important to think about the timescale. […]
A group of people having a meeting

16th Sep 2022

Compliance and cooperation vs the unknown: how is the National Security and Investment Act impacting on acquisitions and reorganisations?

The National Security & Investment Act 2021 (“NSIA”) came into effect at the start of this year. The aim was to tighten existing safeguards, which enable the government to monitor […]

16th Sep 2022

Mitigating risks in contract termination

From time to time, you will have undoubtedly been approached by colleagues for counsel on how the business can extract itself from a contract which no longer serves its needs. […]

17th May 2022

The case of VTB Capital plc and the impact of sanctions

In response to the recent escalation in Ukraine, the British government imposed extensive sanctions and asset freezes over individuals and corporate entities with links to Russia, effective from 24 February […]

17th May 2022

Even more force majeure

Since the start of the global pandemic in March 2020, force majeure clauses have been under close scrutiny and their application in commercial contracts have increased. The days of these […]

16th May 2022

The National Security and Investment Act 2021; implications for lenders and borrowers

Whilst this newsletter focuses on sanctions, lenders and borrowers should not lose sight of the new national security regime introduced on 4 January 2022 by the National Security and Investment […]
Meeting room man looking out of the window in the distance

16th Feb 2022

Dispute resolution clauses: tailored solutions are always a better fit

When parties enter into a contractual relationship, they tend not to assume that a dispute will arise and often fail to give full consideration (if any) to an appropriate dispute […]
Paperwork being signed

16th Feb 2022

Arbitration of commercial disputes: key considerations for in-house lawyers

The court is the default forum for determining commercial disputes in England and Wales. However, parties may agree that a binding decision on their disputes is reached through arbitration instead […]

15th Feb 2022

What does HCR Flex mean for clients and staff?

What does a ‘HCR Flex’ day look like for us and our clients? Daniel De Saulles, an associate in our commercial team, provides us with a detailed account. 07:15 – […]
Four people having a meeting

11th Feb 2022

Make sure your business survives a crisis

Organisations are increasingly finding themselves embroiled in inquiries, inquests, regulatory investigations and prosecutions. The experiences and insights I have gained working with many of these organisations, across a wide range […]

02nd Dec 2021

Supply chain insolvency: managing risk or barely managing?

The UK has rebounded well from particularly troubling economic times. Unfortunately, all indications are that neither the UK nor the wider world economy is out of the woods yet as […]

02nd Dec 2021

Covid-19, Omicron and health and safety at work

The identification of the Omicron variant of coronavirus has already triggered swift action by the UK government. News of the government’s reaction to Omicron should prompt any responsible employer to […]

02nd Dec 2021

Cybersecurity: the enemy within

Cyber-attacks can have a devastating impact on a company; it can be even more devastating when the attack is made by an employee or other insider. The trusted insider has […]

26th Nov 2021

Boilerplate clauses in commercial contracts – the effect in practice

Boilerplate clauses are wide ranging and vary depending on the individual commercial contract and the attitude of the contracting parties. While some boilerplate clauses simply restate the common law position […]
Men reading papers

26th Nov 2021

Insolvency (still) not special circumstances in a protective award claim

The duties of insolvency practitioners to preserve the assets of an insolvent company for the benefit of creditors occasionally crashes into the immovable object that is employment law, as it […]

27th Jul 2021

Prize draws and competitions – don’t gamble on the rules and regulations

Prize draws and competitions are often seen as a popular way for businesses to engage with their customer base and attract new customers. There are many examples in our everyday […]

27th Jul 2021

How to avoid insurance policy coverage disputes

The worldwide insurance market has taken a big hit from Covid-19 related claims. Earlier this year Lloyds of London reported that it expects 2020 pay-outs for claims related to the […]

06th Apr 2021

Jurisdictional issues following Brexit: an update for in-house lawyers

Now that the UK has left the EU, where do we stand in terms of disputes with parties within the EU? Can we rely on jurisdiction agreements in our contracts? […]

06th Apr 2021

Jaguar Land Rover pays the penalty for failings on gender fluidity

I recently attended an enlightening seminar presented by Robin Moira White who, in 2011, became the first barrister to transition from male to female in practice at the discrimination bar. […]

23rd Feb 2021

Banking dispute resolution service opens for SME businesses

The Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS) has just announced the formal launch of its free and independent service to try to help larger SMEs resolve disputes with their banks over […]

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