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LawExchange International is an independent group of law practices in key countries around the globe, providing readily accessible and informed legal advice within their countries for clients of member firms.

LawExchange unites corresponding legal practices in major centres of commerce, industry, high technology and research across Europe, North and South America, the Asia/Pacific region and the Middle East. As a result LawExchange offers a well integrated group of commercially minded law firms whose members are committed to providing clients with an informed specialist legal service of a consistent and high standard. By contacting a member law firm via LawExchange, firms are able to provide their clients with prompt access to high-quality legal services specific to that country. This is invaluable not only in terms of removing language barriers but also ensuring that clients have affordable access to direct knowledge relating to specific legislation and legal processes such as intellectual property, corporate finance, company law and litigation in the countries in which they are doing business.

LawExchange is also able to assist clients requiring advice in some jurisdictions in which there is no member firm through its Register of Correspondent Firms. These are firms with which one or more members of LawExchange have had dealings and which are willing to provide help and guidance to clients of LawExchange members.
LawExchange International members are in regular contact with each other, not only to provide professional updates on international and EU legal matters but also to maintain close working relationships which are essential to ensure the continuity and quality of services which clients rightly expect. The cohesion and effectiveness of the grouping is underpinned by formal meetings of constituent members on a rotational basis in each member country to review performance, information exchange and service delivery. This is further enhanced by a programme of working exchanges between member firms.
In addition to the formal meetings of all members, there are Regional Conferences of member firms within the Americas, Europe and the Asia/Pacific countries;  these conferences enable member firms to work closely together and to identify matters of particular relevance to clients with business needs in those regions.

For more information about LawExchange International please contact Nicola Curtis via email on or telephone 01223 461155 or visit the website at

We also have access to the Africa Legal Network, which like LawExchange is an alliance of excellent quality firms and in this case focusing on the African continent. Having many business clients operating internationally as well as charities operating overseas including in many African countries, this is an invaluable resource and our clients are very grateful for the expertise to which this gives them access.

For more information please see ALN’s own website here