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17th January 2012

Accelerated procedure - relaxation withdrawn

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In 2009 the European Commission relaxed the rules on the circumstances when the accelerated restricted procedure could be used to extend it to the procurement of "all major public projects". When use of the accelerated restricted procedure is allowed, contracting authorities are able reduce the overall timeframe of the procedure to 30 days (from a maximum of 87 days) where the contract notice is sent by electronic means. The motivation for this relaxation was that, given the exceptional nature of the prevailing economic climate, "emergency measures" were required to enable faster procurement to benefit economies.

However, the Commission has now withdrawn that rule relaxation so that the previous rules have resumed for contract notices submitted to the OJEU from 1 January 2012. The accelerated restricted procedure is once again only available in situations where urgency renders the normal restricted procedure time limits impracticable.

For further information on whether you may be able to take advantage of the accelerated procedure or on your procurement questions generally, please contact Tim Richards on or on 01908 247010.