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December 2011

November 2011

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    Request To Use It Or Lose It: Sickness Absence And Annual Leave

    Over recent years there have been various cases regarding an employee's entitlement to annual leave if they are unable to take it due to long term sickness absence. These cases have confirmed that employees should be allowed to take holiday during sickness absence or alternatively be allowed to carry their annual leave entitlement over to the next leave year. But what happens if an employee does not request to take holiday or to carry that holiday over?

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    New Deal For 2012!

    Start of the Government's Green Deal.

    Despite the Government's much publicised wish to cut back the Feed In Tariff (FIT) subsidies payable to producers of energy generated from solar power, 2012 is due to see the start of the Government's Green Deal which is a comprehensive attempt to stimulate wider carbon reduction measures in the UK.

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    Bribery Act Offender Sentenced To 6 Years

    Munir Patel, a Redbridge Magistrates Court clerk who was the first person to be convicted under the 2010 Bribery Act, has been sentenced to three years for bribery and six years for misconduct in public office, his sentences to be served concurrently.

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    Small Charities And The Law

    A research report commissioned by the Legal Services Consumer Panel shows that small charities, i.e. those having an annual income under £1m, are finding it difficult to remember what they are obliged to do under law, resulting in an increased risk of serious problems.

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    Partner's Bungalow Not Agricultural Property

    The Upper Tier Tax Tribunal has upheld HMRC’s appeal against the First Tier Tribunal’s decision in the case of Atkinson v HMRC. The case turned on whether or not a bungalow was occupied for the purposes of agriculture.

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    Friends Of The Earth Threatens Legal Action Over Plans To Cut Solar Subsidies

    Environment charity Friends of the Earth has warned that it may start legal action against the Government unless plans to cut solar panel subsidies are reversed.

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