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  • 27

    British Institute Of Interior Design Conference

    At the British Institute of Interior Design conference at Portland Place on 27 June, honorary fellowships were awarded to Sir James Dyson; of vacuum cleaner fame, and Thomas Heatherwick, the designer of the world wide acclaimed Olympic flame cauldron and of the new style London bus

  • 21

    Can Deputies And Attorneys Make Gifts?

    A recent case in the Court of Protection has highlighted the issue of gifts made by a deputy acting under a deputyship order.

  • 20

    Protect Against Creation Of Public Rights Over Your Let Land

    You should always be aware of the potential for the public to acquire rights over your land particularly where you control or monitor its use less closely, such as where you let it out. It will be a heightened concern where the occupier is an organization which may actively want the public to have access, such as a local authority, charity or government body. Public rights, once established, could seriously interfere with your ability to enjoy or develop your land in the future and so reduce its value.

  • 17

    Oia’s Decision On Plagiarism Upheld

    The availability of information and material, including draft essays, on the internet is a real challenge to education institutions ensuring that the integrity of their qualifications is not impugned by plagiarism. Any student suspected of engaging in such activity can therefore expect to be the subject of internal disciplinary proceedings of their teaching institution.

  • 17

    Automatic Transfers

    The legal framework for introducing a system to automatically transfer members’ small defined contribution pots to their new employers’ pension scheme when they change employment has been included in the Pensions Bill 2013. The system will be set out in regulations to be published later this year.

  • 13

    Advice From Public Guardian About Lasting Powers Of Attorney

    Money Box, the BBC Radio 4 programme, benefited from the presence of the Public Guardian on their programme on the 12th June.

  • 11

    Did You Borrow To Reduce Iht?

    New anti- avoidance rules take effect after the Royal Assent in July.

May 2013

  • 24

    The Future For Charities

    Charities are feeling mounting pressure on all sides, from additional and changing regulatory requirements, challenges to funding streams as well as the on going need to demonstrate value for money.

  • 23

    All Change For The Lands Tribunals

    On 1 July 2013 the Transfer of Tribunal Functions Order 2013 will come into force. It will abolish three existing tribunals, namely the Agricultural Lands Tribunal (“the ALT”), the Rent Assessment Committee and the Adjudicator to HM Land Registry.
  • 21

    When Does A Director Have Authority To Bind A Company?

    Picture the scenario: you have entered into negotiations with the director of a company and you agree with him a contract between you and that company. That company has indicated to you that the director has authority to negotiate and finalise the contract.

  • 17

    Growth And Infrastructure Act 2013: Planning Changes

    On 25 April 2013, the Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 (GIA) received Royal Assent. The Government says that the GIA “will help the country compete on the global stage by introducing a comprehensive series of practical measures to reduce confusing and overlapping red tape that delays and discourages business investment, housing development, new infrastructure and job creation”.

  • 14

    Shares For Employment Rights

    At the Conservative Party Conference on 8 October 2012, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced a new Employee Shareholder Scheme.

  • 10

    New Rules For Change Of Use From Office To Residential

    The Government has published legislation to introduce new permitted development rights to enable offices to be converted to homes without the need for planning permission.

  • 09

    Independent Schools And Cios: A New Specialist Structure?

    The Charitable Incorporated Organisation, the new legal structure for charities, is now with us. So is it suitable for an independent school? There is one very good reason to consider the merits, although it may not be attractive for some.

  • 08

    Simpler Process For Share Buy-Backs

    On 30 April 2013 new regulations (the Companies Act 2006 (Amendment of Part 18) Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/999)) ("the Buyback Regulations 2013") came into force.

  • 07

    Banks Freeze Joint Accounts If Husband Loses Capacity

    Couples often think that owning everything jointly means that they don’t need to protect each other by giving a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) to their spouse. However, there has been a reminder that this isn’t the case.

  • 07

    Asleep At The Wheel: The Accountability Of Charity Trustees And Regulators

    Trustees and the Charity Commission are responsible for governing their particular charities and the sector as a whole, respectively. Yet two high profile cases demonstrate this control is not always effective. If the public’s trust in charities is to be maintained, there must be a better show of strength in governance and regulation.

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  • 30

    Wind Turbine Disaster

    The news that a 115ft wind turbine constructed in Devon just 3 years ago at a cost of £250,000 has collapsed after being hit by heavy winds,

  • 29

    Holiday Lets May Amount To A Material Change Of Use

    A recent Court of Appeal decision has held that the use of a property for holiday letting may be materially different in character from use as a dwelling house.

  • 25

    Landlord's Liability For Injury Caused By Tenant's Alterations

    A recent High Court case, Hannon v Hillingdon Homes Limited (2012), has highlighted how important it is for landlords to regularly check their properties for defects and unauthorised alterations by tenants.

  • 24

    Fettes College Fails Scottish Charity Test

    The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator has recently revealed that Fettes College has failed to meet the Scottish charity test. OSCR is prioritising the assessment of independent schools and three have failed this assessment, including Fettes College, which has the journalistic attraction of having been Tony Blair’s school. OSCR’s ruling was published on 11 January. The schools have been given 18 months to improve access or risk losing their charitable status.

  • 23

    Data Protection: Does It Apply To Charities?

    Charities are not as immune as some people think from data protection regulation. Data protection legislation requires that most organisations that hold or process personal data must notify the Information Commissioner’s Office. Failure to notify is a criminal offence. There is an exemption from this for charities, but it by no means applies to all charities: it is a relatively narrow exemption.

  • 22

    Cambridge Accelerates Growth

    A new £26m railway station is planned to open at the Cambridge Science Park in 2015 which will expand access to the national rail network without the need to travel to the centre of the City. This comes at a time when significant new residential schemes are underway in Cambridge, including the Northstowe development, the UK’s biggest new town since Milton Keynes and which will directly benefit from the new station in the North of Cambridge. The development of thousands of other new homes are either underway or in the pipe line on the edges of the City.

  • 21

    British Airways Employee Wins Religious Discrimination Case

    Nadia Eweida, a member of check in staff for British Airways (BA), has won a landmark legal battle over the right to wear a cross at work.