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April 2014

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    Litigation As A Reason Not To Renew Lease?

    A recent decision of the Court of Appeal has provided useful clarification on the circumstances in which a landlord can refuse to grant a new tenancy to a tenant under ground (c) of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

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    Who Knew? Purchasing Assets Of Community Value

    For some time now, community groups have been able to purchase ‘Assets of Community Value’ when these come onto the market. The intention behind this is that communities should have an opportunity to acquire such assets for community use rather than see them sold into the private sector.

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    Budget 2014 - Pensions Flexibility

    A number of changes to pensions were announced in the Budget. Some of the Budget changes in relation to pensions will take effect on and from 27 March 2014 and others may, subject to consultation, take effect in April 2015.Details of the changes are summarised below.

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    Weight To Be Given To Heritage Assets In Considering Planning Applications

    In a recent case, Barnwell Manor Wind Energy Ltd v East Northamptonshire District Council and others, the Court of Appeal decided that a planning inspector’s approval of a wind turbine development should be overturned.