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August 2017

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    Rare Case Of Mutual Wills Made Out

    The High Court has recently found in favour of claimant daughters who were seeking to uphold an earlier will of their mother, whose later will dated 12th December 2014 was admitted to probate (Legg v Burton [2017] EWHC 2088 (Ch)).The daughters sought to establish that the earlier will, made in July 2000, was a mutual will made in conjunction with and at the same time as their father’s will.
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    Warning Over Power Of Attorney Risks

    LPAs and their risks were discussed during Radio 4’s Today programme and an article headed “Warning over power of attorney risks” appeared on the BBC website.

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    A Brexit Recipe For Continuity And Change

    The Government’s draft Repeal Bill (The European (Withdrawal) Bill) published last month provides that from the point at which the UK exits the EU, the English Courts will be entirely freed from the law making authority of the ECJ and the EU legislatures - a line drawn in the sand.