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January 2017

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    Predictions For East Midlands Office Market Growth In 2017

    David Wells, a partner in the real estate team at law firm Hewitsons’ Northampton office, explains why he forecasts growth in the East Midlands office market for 2017.
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    The Supreme Court Decides: Parliament Is Sovereign

    In the most significant judgment concerning the UK’s constitution in generations, the Supreme Court (a majority of 8 to 3) has rejected the UK Government’s case that ministers could start the process of withdrawal from the European Union without the authority of Parliament. The Court has held that such a step (the giving of notice under Article 50(2) of the Lisbon Treaty) can only lawfully be carried out with the sanction of primary legislation, enacted by the Queen in Parliament, although the consent of the devolved assemblies of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales would not be needed. The UK Parliament is sovereign on the matter. This was the Government’s appeal against the decision of the High Court last year.
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    A Win For The Wheelchair?

    In FirstGroup v Paulley, the Supreme Court has held that the operator’s policy regarding wheelchair space on its buses was in breach of the duty to make reasonable adjustments under section 29(2) Equality Act 2010.
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    Record Breaking Year For Chariots Of Fire 2016!

    2016 proved to be a record breaking year for Chariots of Fire with over £138,000 raised for Papworth Hospital Charity, its highest ever amount in any one year.
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    Parkour An Officially Recognised Sport

    The UK has become the first country in the world to officially recognise Parkour as a sport.
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    Natural England Announces New Licensing Policies For Protected Species

    Natural England is changing the way it issues wildlife licences to deal with protected species found at development sites.
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    The Case Of The Unconvincing Witness

    Two recent construction cases - one arising from a development of Port facilities (Djibouti v Boreh [2016] EWHC 405 Comm) and the other a hotel and resort development claim (Harlequin v Wilkins Kennedy[2016]EWHC3188 TCC) - have provided the High Court with a further opportunity to warn those readying themselves for trial against the coaching of witnesses.
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    Remembering A Charity In Your Will

    Legacies and bequests from generous individuals have always helped shape and enrich charities. Legacies of all sizes enable charities to carry out their invaluable work.