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June 2017

  • 29

    Hmrc Success In Targeting Offshore Assets

    Those with offshore assets are coming under close scrutiny from HMRC, who now have far more access to information about offshore assets.
  • 22

    Whose Right Is It Anyway?

    The case of Gore v Naheed and Ahmed (2017) EWCA Civ 369 recently decided by the Court of Appeal has provided useful guidance as to when a right of way granted for a specific property can be extended to cover neighbouring land.
  • 21

    A New Route To Obtaining Disclosure Of Trust Documents?

    The principles applying to a beneficiary’s right to disclosure of Trust documents and information were set down by the Privy Council in the case of Schmidt –v- Rosewood [2003] 2 AC 709. That case confirmed that no beneficiary has a proprietary right or absolute entitlement to information concerning a Trust and that the right to seek disclosure of Trust documents should be regarded as part of the Court’s inherent jurisdiction to supervise the administration of Trusts.
  • 15

    Sports Governance Code

    The Government’s Sporting Future strategy published in 2015 set out the requirement for a Code of Governance for publically funded sports organisations in the UK. The Code for Sports Governance (the ‘Code’) was published jointly by UK Sport and Sport England in October 2016  and came into effect in April this year.
  • 12

    What Might Brexit Mean For Charities, Voluntary Organisations And Wider Civil Society?

    Later this month, Hewitsons partner Dominic Hopkins will be contributing to a discussion on the potential implications of Brexit for charities and voluntary organisations in Northamptonshire and beyond.