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November 2017

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    Charities And Social Media: How To Remain Compliant With The General Data Protection Regulation (Gdpr)

    For many charities, maintaining a presence on social media, is a key tool in building a profile and increasingly vital for marketing purposes; it can provide an easy way both to keep in touch with supporters and share news with an audience well beyond a traditional mailing list.  But trustees need to ensure that they follow best practice in order to protect their assets and avoid the pitfalls which can lead to significant enforcement penalties (enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office) and damage to reputation.  Penalties may hit a charity hard, but it can take even longer to recover from a loss of public trust.
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    The Effect Of Brexit On Business Immigration

    There are an estimated 3.2 million EEA nationals in the UK and many employers rely on EEA workers as part of their workforce. The UK’s decision to leave the EU has, therefore, caused a great deal of uncertainty for employers in respect of their obligations to their current EEA workers, their ability to recruit such workers going forward and what will happen when we leave the EU?
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    #Metoo – Complaints Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

    Sexual harassment is headline news as the moment. Whether as a result of the allegations against Hollywood A listers such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman, the spreadsheet of various allegations of wrongdoings by MPs, the results of a Radio 5 live survey published last week showing that of 2000 participants 53% of women and 20% of men reported experiencing sexual harassment at work or place of study or the #MeToo hashtag trending on Twitter, there is a degree of controversy in this area which is likely to reverberate in workplaces less well known than Hollywood and Westminster.