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October 2017

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    Sparks V Biden 2017

    The court has recently considered whether a term requiring the sale of dwellings subject to overage should be implied into an option agreement.
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    Brexit – An Opportunity For Local Government?

    What might Brexit mean for Local Government?  Answers to the national Government on a postcard.
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    Italy's "new Residents" Regime

    For a translation of this article into German please click here.


    The 2017 Italian Budget Law introduced a 15 year preferential regime for wealthy individuals taking up residence in Italy (‘New Residents’), which came into force on 1st January 2017.
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    Italiens Pauschalsteuer Für Ausländer

    Mit dem italienischen Haushaltsgesetz 2017 ist am 1. Januar 2017 eine neue Regelung für Personen mit hohem Eigenkapital, die ihren Wohnsitz nach Italien verlegt haben, in Kraft getreten, welche einen Steuervorteil für bis zu 15 Jahre ermöglichen kann.
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    What Should Organisations Be Doing In The Countdown To The Implementation Of The Gdpr

    The GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018, notwithstanding Brexit, and with it will come a new era in data management. The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, describes the GDPR as "a once in a generation change in the law". Organisations will be expected to understand and comply with the GDPR, when it comes into force next year.
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    Can You Make A Paperless Will By Text?

    An Australian court has accepted an unsent draft text message on a man’s mobile phone as his official Will. Although this wouldn’t be valid in England – yet - there is a move towards it which makes this case relevant to us.

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    New Pre Action Protocol For Debt Claims

    The Pre Action Protocol for Debt Claims came into force 1 October 2017 and will potentially have a severe impact on businesses trying to recover outstanding debts due from individuals.