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June 2018

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    Field Used By Trespassers Can Be An Asset Of Community Value

    The Court of Appeal has considered for the first time the scheme relating to assets of community value (ACV) introduced by the Localism Act 2011. Under the scheme, if a building or other land has an actual use which furthers the social wellbeing or social interest of the local community a local council can list it as an ACV. A listing means that the owner of the ACV has to inform the council if it intends to sell the asset, and must give community groups 6 months to raise money to buy it, although the owner is not obliged to sell to a community group.
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    Safeguarding Charity Beneficiaries

    Charities exist to benefit those to whom they provide assistance, who are often the most vulnerable in society. The notion of charities being a safe environment for those in need is, at the very least, challenged by allegations or incidents of abuse by individuals associated with a charity. The effectiveness and reputation of charities are no longer to be assumed.
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    Prepare Now For Oxbridge Corridor Growth

    With major growth planned for the Oxbridge Corridor, businesses in the region need to be ready for the substantial projects that are on the horizon . Over the coming years, the government plans to spend billions on housing and infrastructure within the 130-mile line of towns and cities linking Cambridge and Oxford. The aim is to make this region a new powerhouse among the world’s knowledge economies.
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    The New National Framework For Nhs Continuing Healthcare & Nhs-Funded Nursing Care – What’s Changing?

    NHS Continuing Healthcare means a package of continuing care provided outside of hospital, arranged and funded solely by the NHS. “Continuing Care” means care provided over an extended period of time to a person aged 18 or above, to meet physical or mental health needs which have arisen as a result of disability, accident or illness.
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    Brexit – Giving ‘Meaning’ To A Parliamentary Vote

    Could the UK Parliament have a real say in how the Government negotiates terms with the EU?
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    Income Tax And Death

    Since HMRC withdrew form R27, which was used to collate information on the income received, and tax paid, by the deceased during the tax year in which they died, the situation regarding whether a repayment is due to the estate  (or indeed a payment to HMRC) is far from clear. There can be a loss of possible reliefs, late lump sum claims for tax from HMRC and just plain confusion.